Biden’s Approval Rating Sinks To Lowest Level Of Presidency Amid Concerns Over Coronavirus Pandemic, Poll Finds 2021

The US approval of Joe Biden’s job performance has fallen to its lowest level during his presidency, according to an Ipsos poll that highlighted growing dissatisfaction with his handling of key issues, including the Covid-19 pandemic, employment, and intent. Unify the country.


  • According to Ipsos’ survey of 1,005 Americans between September 15 and 16, only 44% of Americans approve of Biden’s performance as president.
  • The approval rating is the lowest for his presidency and is down six points from early August.
  • Biden’s overall disapproval (50%) is also at an all-time high, and approval of how he handles most major issues has declined since August, Ipsos found.
  • In the case of the pandemic, which 38% wanted Biden to prioritize, approval fell six points to 48% compared to early August.
  • Less than half of Americans approve of Biden’s performance on key issues, including the environment (49%), racial inequality (45%), employment and jobs (45%), and immigration (38%).
  • In addition, Biden’s efforts to unify the country have taken a hit, falling to 40%, a six-point decline since August.


Overall ratings conceal partisan differences as expected for presidential polls. For example, 81% of Democrats approved of Biden’s job performance, compared with 33% of independents and 11% of Republicans. Only 20% of Republicans approved of Biden’s performance on specific issues: the environment (20%), the pandemic (19%), and racial inequality (16%) were the only ones above 15% and not less than 56%. On any issue, the Democrats had been approved (for corruption).


Despite the country being grappling with a wave of Covid-19 and the consequences unfolding after the collapse of the US-backed regime in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of troops, the poll reflects mounting criticism of the president’s performance. As a result of these events, a Gallup poll showed Biden’s approval rating fell to 54%, the lowest level in his presidency compared to the pollster, with growing dissatisfaction with its handling of the pandemic. As well as approval, polls indicate fewer Americans believe Biden has a plan for dealing with the Covid-19 crisis after restrictions were reintroduced in an attempt to manage the delta variant.

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