TikTok adds educational resources for parents as part of its Family Pairing feature in 2021

The company announced that it is adding educational resources to its Family Pairing parental control feature to help parents support their teen users. Parent accounts can now be linked with teen accounts, making it possible for the parent to set limits related to screening time, direct messaging, and other settings. The pairing was launched last year to global users. Although teens have spoken to the company about their desire for parents to be involved in their digital lives, the company also heard from them that their voices should also be heard.

TikTok has partnered with the online safety nonprofit, Internet Matters, to create new educational content. Parents have access to a set of tips for navigating the TikTok landscape and teenage social media usage in general, which were developed in collaboration with teens.

TikTok Adds Educational Resources For Parents

Using technology such as Family Pairing allows teens to set rules for parents related to their internet use, and teens want parents to be open to discussing it with them. In addition, teens don’t mind when their parents set boundaries, but they must also feel as though they have earned their parents’ trust.

Teenagers want more autonomy when it comes to their devices and social networks as they get older. If they don’t want their parents to follow them on a particular platform, they may tell them so.

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The new resources explain to parents that this doesn’t necessarily mean the teen is up to no good. Teenagers simply want to feel like they can chat online with friends without being followed constantly. In the pandemic era, where many younger people are spending less time socializing in physical groups or participating in activities in person, this has become an important part of the online experience.


Parents also want their children to feel comfortable talking to them about problems and not be worried about harsh punishments or a panicky response. Teenagers understand that there will be consequences if they break the rules, but they want their parents to work with them in other tough situations and find solutions together instead of reacting in anger.

Despite these simple suggestions, parents on TikTok are not always comfortable with their teens’ use of social media and their digital life. The following are basic guidelines explaining what teens want and feel makes sense to include. The parents who are technically adept enough to enable parental control features such as Family Pairing may already know how to use them.


Furthermore, this sort of teen-centered safety and privacy content is also designed to help TikTok establish itself as a platform that works to protect its younger users; a position that is becoming increasingly necessary in light of the potential regulation that big tech is attempting to avoid. For example, TikTok announced in August that it would roll out more privacy protections for young teens. Facebook, Google, and YouTube did the same.

As part of the TikTok Family Pairing feature, parents or guardians who link their accounts to one of a teen’s accounts will receive an email that prompts them to learn more about the teens’ suggestions and how to approach those conversations about digital literacy and online safety. For first-time users of Family Pairing, resources will be directed to them.