Plane in Kabul

In Afghanistan, 2 People Fell from Planes – Video is horrifying

In Afghanistan, Two people fell from a plane in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the video is horrifying. Two people fall from an aircraft in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is under Taliban control, and horrifying news and images are appearing in Kabul and other parts of the country. We watched a video today in which Afghans were clinging to planes to escape the country. It was total chaos at the airport.

In Kabul, 2 people fell from a plane

A number of people have already died at the airport in an attempt to flee Afghanistan. Another video has emerged showing two people falling from an airplane. I was heartbroken and horrified by this scene.

These two people are believed to have felt the undercarriage of the plane as the flight left Afghanistan. A plane leaves the Kabul airport in this video. As the plane gained altitude, two people fell from it.

Falling people from the plane in Afghanistan video

There is a video embedded here that shows exactly who fell from the plane and what happened.

We are deeply saddened by what is happening in Afghanistan. In memory of the two people who perished from the plan, we pray for peace in Afghanistan.

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