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Keep your most important files close at hand with Chromebook 2021

Chromebook: Many of us have taken screenshots, only to have them disappear in a sea of desktop icons. You may have downloaded a file to your computer…and then struggled to find it again. You may find it difficult to stay on task if you have to dig around to find the document you need. We introduced Tote earlier this year to organize your important files on your Chromebook shelf. As we have improved Tote since its launch, you can now access scanned files, generate diagnostic reports, save PDFs, and more. Keeping Tote organized and productive is easy with these tips:

Easily access important files by pinning them


In Tote, the most recent screenshots and downloads can be accessed right away, so you can find files you need right away. If you want to keep a specific file handy indefinitely, click to “pin” it to Tote.

It’s easy to pin a logo if you know you will use it across presentations, spreadsheets, and emails during the course of the project. Simply drag and drop the logo into your document from Tote when you need it. A search through your files each time is much faster. Tote allows you to select and share multiple documents at once.

By right-clicking on a pinned file, you can un-pin it or remove it entirely from Tote.

A zoomed in look at Tote, which has several files pinned, including a Logo, a zip file, and a GIF.

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Shareable (and easily accessible) screenshots

As a bonus, Tote can also be integrated with other Chromebook features, including Screen Capture, to help with use right away. The screenshot can be dropped directly from Tote or copied to your clipboard, along with the last five items you previously copied. You can paste the screenshot into a document or message by pressing the Everything Button + V.

If you need to edit or annotate your screenshot, just open it from Tote and get started. Totes will save any changes you make to the screenshot, so you can make more edits later if necessary.

Scanners should automatically be saved

The Scan app will now automatically upload any scanned files to Tote under ‘Downloads’, so you can easily scan old family recipes or add new lease agreements. As files are automatically scanned into Tote, opening or sharing them is now even faster.

Other Chromebook downloads, such as results of Diagnostics tests or app downloads, will also be saved to Tote.

A zoomed in look at Tote, with a file called “Lease_Agreement.pdf” in the “Downloads” section.

Download shortcut

The tote was built to keep your most recent files – the ones you’re most likely to use – easy to find. Tote can also help you find an older download, such as a receipt or budget tracker, from last week.

Files is accessed by the arrow beside “Downloads” in Tote. You can scroll through the downloads section of Files until you locate your lost budget tracker by clicking on the downloads tab. Drag the Tote icon on your shelf to keep it nearby, or right-click and choose “pin to shelf.”

A GIF that shows a user right clicking on a spreadsheet and saving it to Tote.

View the contents of your tote at a glance

When Tote is integrated into your Chromebook shelf, you have easy access to your files when you need them, and it stays out of the way when you don’t.  There are also three circles on your shelf that highlight any recently uploaded screenshots or downloads, so you have a visual reminder to check Tote’s contents without having to open it. Using your right-click, you can choose to hide the previews on your shelf if you want to get rid of them.

Additionally, we’ll be adding your file’s download status to the shelf preview later this year. If you take a quick look, you can see how close your file is to be ready.

In Tote, two files are in progress downloading, one video and one spreadsheet.

As we continue adding a variety of useful productivity tools to Chromebooks, keep an eye out.